Blogger Spotlight Series: Meet Felicia from The Beauty and the Geek

This week the blogger spotlight is shining brightly on a gorgeous girl who is way more than a pretty face! When she isn't blogging she works as a Forensic Scientist and is currently studying for her PhD to become a doctor (see I told you she was super smart!) You will recognise her beautiful aesthetic through her Instagram feed which features the latest beauty products and beautiful blooms, another passion she enjoys!

Say hello to Felicia from The Beauty and the Geek.

How I Tame My New Mane - Top Hair Products + Tools

My long hair was literally weighing me down and was always flat no matter how many styling products I tried. But since I got the big chop my hair has a new lease of life and holds style like never before!

But that body and shine could not be achieved without some must-have hair products and tools which I am going to share with you in this post.